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Who Cares is a bittersweet comedy about growing up, set in a family without adult role models. It premiered at the Festival of Chichester in June 2016. Greg said:


'I wrote Who Cares for a team of graduates of Chichester Festival Theatre's youth theatre, found them dates and a venue, got them listed in the local festival brochure, then let them do their jobs - director, producer, stage manager, actors, puppeteers.'

'I chose to write the show with a full-size puppet - ie human size - so that the young actors playing the children would be on their own, without an adult actor playing the mother to fall back on. They were brilliant.'

'The setting is commoner than many people think. There are untold numbers of child carers, hidden behind ordinary front doors. And those children can be full of energy, drive and ambition, too. That's the case for the mis-matched sisters and brother in Who Cares.'

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