The Unquiet Grave by John Gleadall & Greg Mosse is a superbly evocative new one-act play telling a story of death and love, inspired by some of the greatest English folk songs.


It's a family story set in rural Suffolk - a mis-matached couple, one warm like sunshine, one angry and defensive, and their two children, half-sisters, alike but unlike, devoted beyond fate.

The Unquiet Grave is the title song. Maria Marten is a tale of unexplained violence. One of the very greatest folk songs of all time follows - He moved through the fair. There's a strong connection between folk and the comic music hall tradition with The Fellow that Played the Trombone and The Lobster and Poison Beer.


The two sisters are played by Alice O'Hanlon (TEAM!) and Michaela Bennison (SEPARATE WAYS and LADY OF JAZZ).


The show was due to première at Ink 2020 in Halesworth, Suffolk but has been delayed to 8-11 April 2021.