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Coming soon in April 2024, THE COMING STORM ...


Praise for THE COMING DARKNESS from Moonflower Books ...

Lee Child, author of the ‘Jack Reacher’ novels:


Superb - there's an ominous drumbeat throughout, and pace and tension, and a subtle - and scarily plausible - dystopia, and above all there's main character Alex Lamarque, who could be one of the greats.  Greg Mosse writes like John Le Carré's hip grandson.

Anthony Horowitz, author and screenwriter:


This is exactly the sort of big, meaty, ambitious thriller that the market needs. I haven’t read a book like this since ‘I Am Pilgrim’.

Lesley Thomson, author of ‘The Detective’s Daughter’ series 


'It was easy to lie convincingly when there was no truth to conceal.’ One of many sobering sentences in this finely crafted complex thriller. An utterly satisfying story set in a forensically-detailed dystopic future which is too close for comfort.


* * *


Paris 2037 – poverty, exclusion, environmental degradation, disease. And Alex Lamarque of the French external security service has lost faith – he realises his job is about power, not about doing what is right.

A theft from a Norwegian genetics lab, a sequence of child murders, the extraction under fire of the prime minister of a breakaway North African republic – all important but not the most important.

Finally, the picture is revealed in this ambitious and fast-moving thriller – chaos and destruction, THE COMING DARKNESS ...

... to be followed in April 2024 by THE COMING STORM

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