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Self Help is a bittersweet comedy about homelessness among young people. It premiered at the Festival of Chichester in June 2015. Greg said:


'I wrote Self Help for a team of graduates of Chichester Festival Theatre's youth theatre, found them dates and a venue, got them listed in the local festival brochure, then let them do their jobs - director, producer, stage manager, actors, movement roles.'


Lonnie, the organiser of the rag-tag Self Help group, realises that the key is to make a plan and stick to it:

'Everybody behaves as if they know where they’re going, but they don’t. Because things happen, things you don’t expect.

Before my mum died, we were really happy. As soon as I could leave school, I had a job to go to. My mum loved the twins. Everything was fine. But then she got ill and … I told you all that already. The point is, things changed and so where I was going changed as well.


'Right. Imagine you’re in a bus station, the Helsinki bus station. It’s really clean and there’s no litter. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining. It’s going to shine for 16, 18 hours, because it’s that far north. You think, "I’ll take a bus. I’ll see the sights. It’ll take me somewhere interesting."

'So you look at the fronts of all the buses and you choose a destination. Of course, you have no idea where you’re going. You can't read the names of the places because they're in Finnish and anyway you’ve never been to any of them before. It’s all new to you. But you make a choice and you get on. And the only way to find out where it’s going is to –

The trouble is, on the Helsinki buses, for a while they all go the same way – you know, out of the station, round the ring road, looking for the way out of town. And you’re sitting there thinking, ‘I thought I made a choice here, I thought this was supposed to be special, everyone’s going the same way.’ So you get off and walk back to the station and choose another one. But all the time, what you should have done was …

'Stay on the bus!'

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