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Rita Hayworth in the Mirror by Bernie C Byrnes & Greg Mosse is brilliant, virtuoso script for three actors, telling the story of a Hollywood 'love goddess', her extraordinary transformative career and challenging life.


Born Margarita Cansino in Brooklyn NY ...


- how did she become Rita?

- what sinister role did her father, Edward Cansino, play in her life?

- how did she come to replace him with another ambitious Edward, the salesman Eddie Judson?

- what was the nature of her marriage to Orson Welles?

- how did she come to marry the international playboy and heir to the throne of Brunei, 'Aly' Aga Khan?

- what was her relatiosnhip with her daughters, Rebecca Welles and Yasmin Aga Khan?

- was she a drunk, or was that a cruel lie?


Rita Hayworth in the Mirror tells the story in two gripping acts of intense - but also witty and entertaining - drama. The show should have premièred in the Festival of Chichester 2020 before a national tour - but C-19 has delayed us.

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