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Daisy & Marvin Save the Day is a two-act musical, specially devised for a cast of more than 60, with 30 speaking roles, for Dynamo Youth Theatre. It played a sold out run in January 2016.


It was the first musical collboration between John Gleadall (composer) and Greg Mosse (book and lyrics) and was written pro bono. John and Greg both have strong family and professional connections to the traditional working-class communities from which Dynamo Youth Theatre draws its membership.


Daisy & Marvin Save the Day is a fantasy adventure where, in a land without cars or phones or guns, Daisy and Marvin live peacefully with their family and friends in a fishing village by the sea. Out of the blue, the village is attacked by an army of Thugs – boys exiled from the Town, led by the mysterious Prince.


Daisy and Marvin flee – through the forests and the farms – with the Thugs close behind. In the Town, they meet the Beggars and the Courtiers and a very unhappy Queen. Marvin is taken prisoner. No one wants to help Daisy get him back.


Then the Thug army approaches the Town walls ...


Can Daisy & Marvin Save the Day?

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